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Artist Interview Series

Artist Feature – Hailey Brinnel

By July 15, 2021No Comments

Jazz In Fairmount presents Hailey Brinnel

Vocalist, trombonist, and educator in Philadelphia

Jazz In Fairmount is excited to share our artist feature conversation with Hailey Brinnel. This post features the full audio interview with Hailey, plus highlights from the conversation, and lots of digital content. Enjoy and share!

“My dad was a working musician and my mom was an educator. So when I was 9, I said I want to be a music teacher because it seemed to be a perfect mix of everything in my household.”

Also be on the look out for Hailey’s upcoming single, “The Lady is a Tramp”, releasing late summer, 2021!  Stay updated with Hailey on her Instagram profile and website, links below.

Finding The Balance

I was very unfocused, musically, for a long time. Taking drum lessons, voice lessons, trombone lessons, etc.. But I had no idea what a career in music looked like and how to focus my energy. My high school band director helped me to determine what areas of music brought me the most joy.

I’ve really had to figure out, by practice, what doesn’t bring me enough joy versus what is financially stable and does bring me enough joy. I’ve had to sacrifice financial stability at some points of my life, but over the years I’ve been able to find a happy medium where I’m working on projects that bring me joy and provide financial stability.

Recording An Album

The hard part [of making an album as a bandleader] is figuring our how to release & promote it. There was a lot of blind confidence and smiles on the outside, and extreme turmoil on the inside, but I feel so much more confident now after this first run.

Find a balance between new and uncomfortable experiences that challenge and push you, and fun and supportive situations where you feel totally comfortable. Your network of friends that will unconditionally support you is what matters the most.

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