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Artist Interview Series

Artist Feature – Nicholas Krolak

By June 2, 2021No Comments

Jazz In Fairmount presents Nicholas Krolak, Voice = Power

Voice = Power

Jazz In Fairmount is excited to share our first feature artist, band leader and composer Nicholas Krolak of Voice = Power. This post features the full audio interview with Nicholas, plus highlights from the conversation, and lots of digital content. Enjoy and share!

“Voice = Power is about this realization I had, that as musicians our superpower is our artistic voice.”

Check out the full interview with Nicholas Krolak here!

Jazz & Nature

I do a lot of my best writing after having spent time in nature. The more I’m in the city, the more the craziness sinks into you. Getting out into the woods helps to clear my mind.

I see a lot of parallel between the sustainability community and the jazz community, trying to protect a thing that you believe is sacred.

A Career in the Arts

It’s been a strange path, and nowhere along that path was I expecting to get the next step. Whatever that next step was. I was always happy to be wherever I was. I never thought I would go to a 4-year school for music. Then I started getting gigs and making money playing music. Then onto my masters at Temple. I’ve always felt very grateful for every step in the journey.

A life in the arts is a marathon. There were many times where I felt that I 100% knew what I was doing, and the next day felt like I had no idea what I was doing. Think of it as a life journey with ups and downs and keep moving forward.

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